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2016 Kitchen Color Trends

Posted by Edward Curtin on Apr 14, 2016 9:00:00 AM

As kitchens establish their role as the central gathering place, they are becoming much more functional, stylish and vibrant in color!

Since it is one of the most used rooms in the house, you'll want your kitchen to feel warm and inviting and full of energy. Read on to find out what is trending this year when it comes to kitchen colors.

Bold Is Beautifulk1.jpg

Most appliances are your basic black, white or silver, so, people are adding bursts of color on other surfaces.

Bolder colors to complement stainless steel appliances are starting to become more and more popular, and rich dark cabinets are on the rise as well.

These bold colors are popping up in unexpected places such as a bright red frame for a stainless steel sink, or an inlay of chartreuse tiles around mocha cabinets.

Heat Up Your Kitchen with Color

Adding color doesn't just mean you're stuck with bright hues and bright hues only. Subtle colors are also popular for creating a soothing atmosphere in your kitchen. Warm colors like yellows, reds and apricots are going to continue to be popular in kitchens because they are not only comforting, but appetite stimulators.

If you’re not into the reds and yellows, you can go for a more relaxed silver blue, gray-green, or tobacco browns.  These are more of the tones you would find in nature and you can complement these colors by adding natural elements and texture in places such as the backsplash and cabinets.  

Fresh New Hues

Pantone recently announced eight new color palettes- a mix of old favorites and fresh new hues. Here are a few that we recommend for a splash of color in your kitchen:

  • Agrestic — This attractivk2.jpge contemporized country style calls for comforting combinations such as light browns, warm greens or golden yellows.  Maybe even with an unexpected accent of a vibrant pink!
  • Savories — Accent your home with lively, youthful and whimsical hues. This palette includes tasty blends of chocolate and daiquiri green, with hints of bright hues to embellish the mix.
  • Ethnic Chic — Style reaches a new level of sophistication when you pair deep purple with misty yellow and stone grays, or take a risk and pair burnt orange against vibrant blue and dark brown. That’s just what this particular pallet does.

 What’s Out

What's "out" in kitchen colors? We recommend to stay away from colors and combinations that have a commercial feel.  These are the ones you see over and over in restaurants and retail stores such as your tuscan and terracotta which have quickly become color clichés. 

What makes color trends differ from year to year is how you put them together in fresh and creative ways.

If you need more direction or suggestions on how to bring your visions to life, stop into your local GNH Lumber and work with their professional kitchen design staff who will help make your dream kitchen a reality.


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