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Need Workspace? Kitchen Redesign with Counterspace in Mind

Posted by Edward Curtin on Jun 7, 2018 11:15:00 AM
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When your kitchen is full of cooking, entertaining, studying and family activities, there can never be too much counterspace! If you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen to add this much-needed countertop area, there are a few strategies you can employ to achieve the best end result!

GNH Installs Kitchen Design

Here are a few ways to approach kitchen redesign with counterspace in mind!

• Add a Table-Sized Counter Island

Kitchen functions are changing. These rooms are not only places for food prep and entertaining. Many families also use kitchens for studying, playing games, eating meals and completing craft projects.

Adding an extra-large counter island is an easy way to add counterspace and invite meals, and other sit-down family activities!

Tip: Don’t forget to include electrical outlets throughout the island for electronic devices like laptops and cell phones, as well as kitchen appliances.

• Add a Half-Wall Countertop

If you need counterspace and cabinet storage, and want to open up the space between your kitchen and living or dining room, consider installing a half-wall cabinet with countertop. This is a multi-function solution to creating countertop space and storage. It also helps join two separate rooms while maximizing work space.

Get inspiration: Check out these half-wall kitchen countertops on Houzz!

• Hide Appliances

appliances.jpg     appliances2.jpg  

If space is limited in your kitchen, you can always free up your countertops by storing commonly used appliances in out of the way (but easy to access) cabinet solutions.

By installing base mixer shelves and wall appliance garages like the ones above from Kraft Maid, bulky appliances are available when you need them, but not taking over your countertop the rest of the time!

Tip: Don’t forget to add electrical outlets to the inside of wall appliance garages for added convenience!

• Add a Simple "L"

Finally, why struggle with limited countertops when you can add more?

l_shaped_kitchen_layout.pngTry taking a straight-line counter and adding an end cabinet to create an “L” shape. You can increase workspace, improve kitchen workflow, and add functionality to your kitchen!

Tip: Are there 2 cooks in the house? Use your “L” shaped countertop to add burners and warming trays!

Looking for more kitchen design advice? Maybe you have a specific question or concern about your kitchen layout. Speak to a GNH kitchen designer today for expert tips and guidance!

GNH Installs Kitchen Design

Do you know how to design your kitchen for ideal work flow? Download our FREE Kitchen Planning guide to learn more!

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