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Our Kitchen Design Center: Your Top Resource

Posted by Edward Curtin on Apr 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM
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At GNH Design Showroom, our focus is improving your home by offering quality customer service and products. Whether you’re looking to build out a kitchen in your first home, remodel your existing kitchen, or just replace one or two elements in your kitchen, our design center is your top resource.

Stop in for a visit, and our team of designers will discuss your kitchen project, assess your budget constraints and preferences, and make sure everything is executed to perfection.

GNH Installs Kitchen Design

So, if you’re wondering how you can take advantage of our kitchen design center, here are 3 ways.

1. Planning a new Kitchen or Remodel 


We have a great team of kitchen designers who act as strategists for your home’s kitchen. At the start, we’ll dive into your unique vision of a beautiful new kitchen! We will brainstorm about kitchen layout options, and ways to maximize your kitchen space for functionality and comfort.

From there, we’ll discuss your budget and style and material preferences, create a draft of your initial kitchen design, and discuss products and styles that will harmonize well with your existing home style.


2. Working within your budget


If you need help determining style and material choice for cabinets, countertops or hardware, we will help streamline the selection process. And we always work within your budget to help you get the most value for your money!

But if you’ve already got a strong sense of what you want, we can handle measurements and installation exclusively. We’ll make the entire process as easy as possible, so you can get busy enjoying your beautiful new kitchen!

3. Add to an Existing Kitchen

If you’re not looking to remodel your entire kitchen but only make a few much-needed upgrades, GNH is the place to go. Whether it’s a new sink, lighting fixtures, or a pullout to add more space, we can help you choose exactly the right style, material and color to match your needs.

GNH Installs Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Resources:

If you’re in need of extra inspiration or guidance, we compiled a list of our favorite kitchen remodel resources:


Not Sure Where to Start?

Is a kitchen remodel within your budget? How much value will it add to your home? Do you know how to design your kitchen space for ideal work flow? Download our FREE "Planning Your Dream Kitchen" guide:

How to Plan Your Dream Kitchen Infographic

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