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Cabinetry 101: Finding Your Perfect Cabinet Style

1) What's your style?

Some might choose modern kitchen or bathroom. Others could only be described as casual. No matter how you embrace life, Omega has a cabinet design style that will not only mirror your mantra but will also exceed your expectations. Learn more about the popular design styles below to determine your preference and find the cabinet look that is right for you.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Kitchen Remodeling

Planning your kitchen remodel can be a fun and exciting process. There are styles, colors and finishes to choose, layouts to consider, and lighting options to explore. However, you may become overwhelmed by the options, or confused by all the possibilities: How much storage will I need? Should I purchase wood or laminate cabinets? What’s more practical, a stationary or mobile counter island?

To answer these (and other specific questions), it helps to first have a clear idea of your family’s kitchen needs. Having a blueprint for the end product before you begin brainstorming, helps guide you through the process. So, let’s begin with the basics!

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7 Kitchen Remodeling Tips & Trends for Your Albany Upstate NY Home

It’s time to make that charming upstate home yours, and the first place to start is the kitchen!

There are many things to consider when remodeling your kitchen. Most people focus on the esthetics of their new kitchen; colors, style, materials, etc. However, in doing so they forget the important aspects of their new kitchen: design and functionality.

Here are 7 simple remodeling tips & trends to keep in mind when remodeling your kitchen that will help you make your new kitchen both beautiful and practical:

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Need Workspace? Kitchen Redesign with Counterspace in Mind

When your kitchen is full of cooking, entertaining, studying and family activities, there can never be too much counterspace! If you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen to add this much-needed countertop area, there are a few strategies you can employ to achieve the best end result!

Here are a few ways to approach kitchen redesign with counterspace in mind!

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Double-Hung Windows 101: What are the Benefits?

When it comes to selecting windows, you'll want to find a stylish model that’s easy to install. A popular choice that meets both criteria are double-hung style windows. So, what exactly are they?

Double-hungs are windows that can be opened from the bottom or top sash, which allows the window to open slide up and down.

Because of the way they are constructed, these windows are an excellent choice for rooms facing walkways and porches; but there are many other benefits to double-hungs. Whether you’re adding windows to a new home or replacing your old windows, you don’t want to be left in the dark. 

Here are Some of the Benefits of Double-Hung Windows:

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Let the Sun Shine In! 5 Windows & Doors that Best Increase Natural Light

If your house doesn’t have good Southern exposure, is built in a valley, surrounded by trees, or lacks sufficient windows, it may be dark and gloomy even in the summertime! What to do? There are a few key window or door additions you can make to improve light and let the sun shine in to your living spaces. Making these changes will instantly increase light and add aesthetic appeal. They will also enhance your quality of life – while enhancing the value of your home.

Get new or replacement windows today!

So, without further ado, here are...

5 Windows & Doors that Can Best Increase Your Home’s Natural Light:

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